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      Artist as Curator 



​     Artist as Director


   Troublemaker/Critic/Provoker/Classical Marxist dreamer/into-Neoliberalism/sexually liberated individuals



Active Nihilists. : To do something wrong to make it really strong 


Yique (HanZheng Wang)is a curator and artist, But he often describes himself as a troublemaker and a critical individual. who engages with society through absurd and performative artistic interventions. His work aims to explore how art can expand the human perception of social ideologies and states of being, as well as how it can awaken consciousness. One of his frequent sayings is "to do something wrong to make it really strong."


Influenced by classical Marxism and the Frankfurt School, many of his works have some characteristics of criticism of the system and are shaped by his years of experience as an institutional curator,


Yique's works typically involve a variety of media and elements that consider the construction of space and time, each exploring a key aspect of the human condition.








一鹊经常称自己是一个troublie maker,一个批判者和讽刺者,甚至,一个虚无主义者。他的研究主要基于古典马克思主义与法兰克福学派。一鹊总说‘.  不知道大家如何观看意义这个词 ? 在这条路上他似乎一直是一个独行者。’他很喜欢说的一句话是‘to do sth wrong ,to make it really strong'


small bio:


Founder of USB Art Company                               March 2022 - Present

Collaborated with real estate, design companies, hotels, and art galleries to plan art activities and events.


Hoey Art Center,                                                September 2019 - March 2022

Curator                                                                 September 2019 - August 2020

Director                                                                 August 2020 - March 2022

Managed the art center and curated interactions for brand collaborations. Successfully collaborated with Shangri-La B&B, real estate architectural designers, Baolong shopping mall, K11 shopping mall, SK2 cosmetics brand, and more.

Curatorial Experience

2022 Mountain Hills Space Dusk on the Other Side Curator

2022 Taizhou Baolong Art Center, Taizhou, China Curator of Suspension of

Knowledge and Culture Taizhou

2022 What Space, Hangzhou Curator

2022 Six Lands Space, Hangzhou Archipelago DAO Chief Curator

2021 Shanghai Ming Contemporary Art Museum, Shanghai Subhuman Unit,

Exhibition Curator

2021 abcdefg abo de goose buddha pigeon space exhibition vacuum groove

exhibition curator

2021 hoey art space, the leaves exhibition "leaves" group exhibition chief curator

2021 hoey art space , the flowers exhibition "flowers" group exhibition curator

2021 hoey art space, the trunk, group exhibition "Trunk", chief curator

2021 Yigei design × hoey art, the exhibition does not understand, chief curator

2020 Absolute art M50 Chinese antique oil painting art exhibition Exhibition


2019 Design Shanghai, Shanghai Exhibition Center, Shanghai Cliff Space Unit

Curatorial execution

2019 Suzhou QU art museum odk Curatorial execution

2019 Absolute art M50 Chinese Silver Aromatherapy Art Exhibition Exhibition


2019 Bailu Bay Town Museum of Fine Arts, Shanghai, China "Fairy Tale" curatorial

exhibition2019 Taizhou Contemporary Art Museum Reflections on Cracks Exhibition


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