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Active Nihilists. : To do something wrong to make it really strong 

Yique is an artist and curator whose work delves into the relationship between art and ideological power. In today's mechanized aesthetic landscape, they strive to transcend purely visual exploration and extend the aesthetics of art to create a connection with perception and contemplation. Yique's artistic materials serve as a means to convey ambiguous concepts from the realm of language and deepen their relationship and connection to everyday life.

Yique often describes themselves as a "troublemaker," a critic, and an ironist. At times, they may even be considered a nihilist. Their works can accommodate any medium, and they believe that people's experiences and feelings often begin with absurdity and doubts.

My research is primarily rooted in classical Marxism and the Frankfurt School, specifically Adorno's theory of art rationality. Yique often asks questions such as, "How do people perceive the meaning of the word? On this journey, they seem to be a lone traveller." One of their favourite quotes is, 'To do something wrong, to make it really strong.'

Yique's experience in institutional curation has influenced their creative process, often leading them to collaborate with teams. Through various mediums such as performance, film, and social interventions, they aim to explore the absurdity of the post-industrial era and the human condition. Their intention is to expand viewers' perception and reflection of the environment.








一鹊的研究主要基于古典马克思主义与法兰克福学派(马尔杜塞的艺术理性)。他经常称自己是一个troublie maker,一个批判者和讽刺者,甚至,一个虚无主义者。一鹊总说‘.  不知道大家如何观看意义这个词 ? 在这条路上他似乎一直是一个独行者。’他很喜欢的一句话是‘to do sth wrong ,to make it really strong'


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