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‘Thousands of hate messages’: Chinese artist behind London’s Brick Lane street art scandal reveals his work’s true meaning and his frustration over the response

  • Wang Hanzheng says his graffiti of Chinese political slogans on London’s Brick Lane ‘raises strong doubts about the Western rule of law and democracy’

  • He is frustrated people aren’t seeing the work’s deeper purpose, saying he has received hate messages from both patriotic and anti-China communities

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Chinese slogans on London wall hold mirror to society: artist

Zhejiang-born Yique tries to find his place in UK after Brick Lane work

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On August 21, 2022, Hi Art, a well-known media in China, made a detailed report and comment on my personal project at the Notting Hill Art Center in Hangzhou, the short-lived artist Lao Wang. The short-lived artist Lao Wang is My team and I planned an art event together. We created a fake art event and packaged an installation worker I once worked with as an artist Lao Wang. I packaged a complete art event for him and held I held the exhibition, took him to have academic exchanges and group photos with famous artists, and recorded all the process, which is related to my creative method in the way of system and system criticism.

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The socially-involved art event I once curated at the Powerlong Museum of Art in Hangzhou was called 'Public Art Why', was reported by RADII.RADII's art editor, Senki Yu, interviewed me and edited and published a story about my work, allowing the situation of bike-sharing and public art in China to be known through my work.

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Bia Art:He is just playing an artist named Yi Que


The Chinese Media Bia Art: He is just playing an artist named Yi Que

Chinese Media:Bill and I think of ourselves as two old rocks left over from the last century, and we don't know what's going on now. In line with the attitude of injecting new perspectives and fields rather than focusing on a single art form, we are very honored to invite Yi Que—a curator and artist friend—to discuss with us in this issue of Tissuepaper. "Conceptual art" is an art form that we don't know much about. Since then, Tissuepaper will continue to cooperate with Yique, hoping to bring more diverse perspectives to readers.

Zhi Lang


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An interview and conversation about the work LaoWang.
Conversation about the Chinese art critic and his account

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An Exhibition interview about the work which is a event created by me

short-lived artist Lao Wang Work

In 2022, I received an invitation to hold an online celebrity exhibition, so I created the short-lived artist Lao Wang. Lao Wang is my friend and the gentleman who often arranges and constructs for me. All of his work is created by me and my team. We held a grand exhibition for him, and invited him to exchange and take photos with celebrities in the art circle and the president of the China Academy of Art. Use the largest art media to report and interview Pharaoh. His exhibitions have also been liked by young girls and they scrambled to check in.


​Interview about Aura Contemporary Art Exhibition


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