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Escape the Ground" Flight--Suspended Knowledge and Culture Taizhou

Exhibiting Artist: YeRen

Curator: Yique

Organizer: Taizhou Powerlong Art Center

Exhibition address: Taizhou Baolong Art Center

Exhibition time: October 1, 2022 - November 13, 2022

Preface to the exhibition


This is probably inseparable from our generation's upbringing. We do not see so many frames and regulations, and she actively participates in exhibitions, fairs, music festivals, and various art activities to show her works, and this kind of break is just like the strong emotions and visual feelings that her works bring with them. It is a kind of expansion and influence, a kind of vitality and bravery, which belongs not only to Wilder but also to her works.

The solo exhibition is divided into three series: "Emotion and Perception", "Flying Human" and "Fruit Eats Me" to present her recent creations. After the archipelago DAO exhibition in Hangzhou, we are happy to bring it to Taizhou. "Emotion and Perception" combines multiple series of works, creating a diverse context through the combination of words and Chinese characters to bring the viewer into the first area, experiencing the visual patterns of the wild man's works while bringing in their own cultural perceptions and knowledge. Although this approach is somewhat obscured, it is one of the ways of expression that cannot be abandoned in contemporary art.

The author of the "Flying Humans" series tries to express the cultural influence between people and their environment, and the floating and wandering relationship between different people, through the different figures she portrays. To take one of her quotes, "Everything is constantly spinning and changing, constantly and urgently flying, we are the network of the world, constantly wandering or moving.

This fusion of "recluse" and flight seems to be the cultural state of the city, where the traditional culture of Song Yun is well preserved, while Western cultures such as hippie, street, and cool kids are gradually sprouting but struggling and fighting. The songs of the 80s are still playing in the streets, and people's sense and reason are being broken and rebuilt. The arrival of the exhibition Flight of the Vanished may be a kind of relief.

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