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Take Break Get Pay

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Take Break Get Pay
April 29th, 2023

durational performance

Yique (HanZheng Wang)


On April 29, 2023, at noon London time, the artist Yique placed five mattresses in front of the large screen at Piccadilly Circus, right next to the central sculpture. Piccadilly Circus is considered the heart of London, where numerous people pass by every day in a hurry, heading to different destinations. He invited passersby to lie down and rest. Anyone who took up the offer could earn an income of £12 per hour, or £1.50 per 5 minutes.

The filming agreement stated that ‘ Take Break Get Pay is a social experiment initiated by the artist Yique, hoping that everyone can view it in a relaxed manner regardless of whether they participate or not. He looks forward to your relaxation and participation! ’

In doing so, the work attempts to explore the interrelationship between giving and consuming in a capitalist society, the value of social behaviour, and observing and being observed while carrying out employment and consumption in public spaces. Through almost imperceptible staged interventions, Yique explores the differences in values of social classes and attempts to loosen the right/wrong dichotomy defined by power relations in society.

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Screenshot 2023-05-24 at 17.34.00.png
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