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RCA graduation exhibition


​For the RCA graduation exhibition, instead of showcasing a single project, I decided to display multiple projects. The overarching theme of the exhibition is "Employment and Domination."

There are several reasons behind this decision. Firstly, I believe there is an inherent connection between these works. By showcasing them together, I aim to create echoes and links that will help the audience better understand my goals, purpose, and research direction. This approach allows me to present a more comprehensive body of work to the viewers.

Additionally, I intend to provide a sense of breathing space for the audience. While this may reduce the visual tension and unity of the exhibition space, it enables a stronger coherence and greater content volume. By filtering out viewers who can engage with and comprehend the works, they will have the opportunity to find answers within the echoes of the different projects.

在这次RCA 毕业展在拿到空间之后经过深思熟虑,决定放置多个项目而非使用单一项目进行展示。整个空间的主题可以被叫做:雇佣与统治 原因之一是认为作品之间存在内在联系,更希望能够通过不同项目的呼应和链接,让观众更加清晰我的表他与目的以及我的研究方向,把更完整的作品呈现在观众视野里。 另外也是希望通过这种方式制造空间的呼吸感和筛选观众,虽然削弱了空间视觉张力和一体性而拥抱更好的连贯性和内容量。让能够阅读和进入作品的观众能够被筛选下来,并能够在不同作品的呼应中自己找到答案

DSC05218 2.JPG

Field Temporary work Company and Take break Get Pay are opposite to each other in the exhibition space, almost as two sides of the same coin, reflecting the different values of Chinese and Western people. The work Perhaps Love I want to raise the absurdity and humor of the world and use the installation to form a certain visual center.

Field Temporary work Company 和 Take break Get Pay 相对的在展览空间的两面相对,几乎是一体两面的反应了中国和西方人民的不同价值观。而作品 Perhaps Love 我更希望把世界的荒诞性和幽默感提升上来,并用装置形成一定的视觉中心。

RCA Kitchen's technical support
vieunite for the equipment support
All the partners who helped in the project

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