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Please wear a mask all time



Please Wear a Mask at All Times


Performance Art Video

April 16, 2022


"Please Wear a Mask at All Times" is a performance art piece that serves as a behavioral unit of the AURA exhibition. It was initiated and planned by the curator Yi Que, who also participated in the performance. Artists Chen Yaoyao, Strict, Chen Siyu, and Li Wanting took part in the dance performance, while music artist Li Hongxiang contributed to the music production.


Created during the pandemic in Hangzhou, this performance explores the state of human existence during this specific period and reflects on the system and humanity. The video captures the essence of the performance as a commentary on contemporary considerations of touch and intimacy in the aftermath of the Covid pandemic.

The work features female dancers who engage in a choreography that begins with a communal and close-up dance, where they touch and move around the space together. The performance then transitions to more individualistic expressions, with each figure dancing alone. Dressed in simple white gauze costumes, half of the dancers move on a floor covered with green spice (mustard powder), while the other half dances on a floor covered with red spice (chili powder).


The red and green symbolize both the permission to move together and the denial of contact that was experienced globally during the pandemic. As the dancers move on their spiced stages, their hands leave fingerprints and trails in the powder—a visual representation of the presence, traces, and touch left behind by their bodies as they navigate new ways of moving and connecting in the world.


Dancers: Chen Yaoyao, YanGe, Chen Siyu, Li Wanting

Sound Production: Li Hongxiang

Language Works: Yang Yi





作为展览AURA行为单元的一场行为艺术表演《请全程佩戴口罩》由策展人一鵲发起和策划并参与行为。艺术家陈姚遥, 严格, 陈思雨, 李琬婷共同参与行为舞蹈,音乐艺术家李洪祥参与音乐制作。

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