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"Why Public Art"









作品发起和策划人:一鵲 梁星昊 薛又戈

作品参与艺术家:徐健 申屠宇轩、沈逸俊、张进宁、包陆其、潘俊宇、苑文栋、吕中良,胡煜、滕家琪、刘艺帆、陈航杰、许家琛、陈则以、sammen、梅之险、许子颜、刘思佳、罗科班、徐倩、张进宁、好迪、叶帆等30位艺术学习者和工作者.



A lot of times we always say let art go to the public, but in fact, it is all a slogan. 1000 years of art history tells us that art is always elitist and circled. How to let the life of art and the thinking of art really go among the crowd? How to bring creative, critical thinking back to everyone in every group. It's always been something I've wanted to do. Just like the so-called public art, why is it public. true public art.

It can be seen, seen in that variety of forms and colors.

It can be looked for, to look for inadvertent little pleasures in life, freedom.

It can be reflected on what is public and what is resource allocation.

Liang Xinghao:

It directly refers to the wanton waste and destruction of resources by citizens in the current life; on the other hand, the workload of cycling, the identity of the artist, the random patchwork, the display of the independent space of the art museum, each chain is connected by a touch of Dadaism. , opposed to the inherent art production mode, was created "out of thin air" by "without any artist and without any kind of material", and directly transformed from public resources into art. Such a presentation makes the creator of the work not specifically refer to any subject with individual subjective consciousness, but to the public collective consciousness with social attributes. By juxtaposing the creator's "public", the "public" of art materials, and the "public" of the exhibition space, the inherent concept of public art is reconstructed in the form of ready-made products. 


Work Initiator and Curator: Yi Que Liang Xinghao Xue Youge

Participating artists: Xu Jianshen Tu Yuxuan, Shen Yijun, Zhang Jinning, Bao Luqi, Pan Junyu, Yuan Wendong, Lv Zhongliang, Hu Yu, Teng Jiaqi, Liu Yifan, Chen Hangjie, Xu Jiachen, Chen Zeyi, sammen, Mei Zhijian, Xu Ziyan, Liu Sijia , Luo Keban, Xu Qian, Zhang Jinning, Haodi, Ye Fan and other 30 art learners and workers.

By inviting co-creation, nearly 30 artists were invited to randomly select a shared bicycle from any location in Hangzhou starting from the afternoon of April 2, and ride to Baolong Art with different routes around 19:00 In the central exhibition hall, nearly 30 shared bicycles are stacked or arranged to complete the creation. At the same time, the artists will document the process by recording video, audio, or transforming or placing the artist's personal belongings on the bike. After the exhibition, these "works" with the artist's subjective "creation" will be returned to each road.

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