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The meaning of instruments

Artistic micro spray


What is the meaning of instruments? They are created and occupy the space of this world. When people realize that their value is determined by people, some instruments have even become expensive works of art, while some instruments are being ignored. Their value is only Or how does it exist in human sociality? The sudden epidemic has changed the meaning...

We live under the instrumentalist rules and regulations, nothing exists alone, on the contrary, it exists to complete a given task. People just tend to use tools, and in use, tools and parts and equipment are often lost in the work and become invisible. Art is a privileged space. It can create a certain kind of open space in which we can observe the existing space art itself, urinals, and wheels. The value of art itself, urinals, and wheels have changed because of the difference in space. Do we need to reconsider the process of forming life? The relationship between organizations. This feeling has become stronger during the epidemic. The value of masks is soaring, and many appliances have lost their meaning due to social changes. So I started this creation. During the period when the epidemic was not over, many stores at that time had not been allowed to open. I contacted 16 merchants and interviewed their feelings of being affected by the epidemic. They were somewhat affected by the epidemic. Things have been abandoned, and most of them are people who have not received art education. I try my best to invite them into creation. While exploring the meaning of artifacts, I secretly hope to stimulate their artistic creative thinking and let creation break their cognition. And fixed thinking, this "useless" tool has become a creative material, is it another meaning?


我们生活在工具主义的规章制度下,没有任何东西独自存在,相反,它存在以完成给定的任务。人们只是倾向于使用工具,而在使用中,工具和零件设备经常在工作中迷失而变得不可见。艺术是一个特权空间,它可以创建某种开放空间,在其中我们可以再次观察存在的空间艺术本身,小便池,轮子的价值因为空间的不同而变化了,我们是否需要重新考虑构成生命的过程与组织之间的关系。疫情期间这种感觉愈发强烈口罩的价值在飙升,而很多器具因为社会性的变化而失去了意义。由此我开始了此次创作,在疫情没结束的期间,那时候的很多店还没有得到开业的允许,我联系了16 位商家,采访他们受到疫情影响的感受,他们因为疫情商店里多少有些东西被废弃了,且他们大多是没有受到艺术教育的人们,我尽最大努力邀请他们进入创作,意在探讨器物意义的同时,暗中期待激发他们艺术的创作思维,让创作来打破他们的认知和固定思维,本“无用”的工具成为了一种创作材料,是否是另一种意义呢。

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