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The value of physical photos

Artistic micro spray


Photos are overwhelmingly appearing in the online world, and the meaning of communication is closely connected with them. It has long been not the era when only three photos were taken in a lifetime. Physical photos have become less and less. The need for recording is on electronic screens and everyone. I have already been satisfied with the mobile phone I have. The need to take a photo can be met anytime and anywhere, and its role in recording the truth has long since disappeared. There are countless photos being produced every day, so what else can the value of the photo be?

This is an experimental behavior and a project with no ending. In the end, I didn’t seem to find the answer I wanted. I brought a Mamiya medium format camera with a Polaroid back, random Take photos of people in some public restaurants in Park Street, etc. After obtaining permission, we will get a Polaroid photo. I ask them to exchange any item or any amount for this portrait of their work. Finally, I get Some food and small things, and some small objects, some of the food has even entered my stomach, of course, more of them are the photos they returned to me after the remake, so what is the value of the physical photos? I don’t seem to be able to After getting the answer, the project stopped in what it is now.

这是一个实验性的行为,也是一个没有结局的项目,最后我似乎并没有找到我想要的答案,我带着带着拍立得后背的玛米亚中画幅相机,随机的在公园街道等一些公共餐厅给人们拍照片,获得同意后我们将得到一张拍立得的照片,我要求他们用任何一个物品或是任何的金额于这张他们的人像作品交换,最后我获得了一些吃的和小东西,和一些小物件,有些吃的甚至已经进入了我的肚子,当然更多的是他们翻拍后还给我的照片,所以实体照片的价值是什么呢 我好像没能得到答案,这个项目也就停止在了现在的这个样子。