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Artistic micro spray

The cognition of home should have started from the moment we were born, and home is also the beginning of our cognition of the wider world. The explorer with self and world cognition should be the earliest subject. At the age when we are not ready to face the world, home is a fence, outside the fence is a novel and elusive world, inside the fence is a familiar and simple small space, it gives you comfort and protection, everything happens. Naturally and as it should be. Then we grew up. We read, fell in love, worked, left and came back, and the fence became more and more fenced. Sometimes it comforts you, sometimes it makes you feel weak, sometimes it resists the world and comforts the injured you, sometimes it It's the injury itself again.

In the creation, I am in a state of almost myself, and this series is more like just for myself. I will look at these pictures of myself and remember them as if I have penetrated into the deepest part of the body. I sit for a day, and the more I discover this moment. For the first time, I walked into myself so clearly, like a cell of the heart looking at the magnificence of the whole body. Any analysis at this moment is useless. During the creation, I almost let my thoughts go deep into my mouth, through the winding intestines, to the depths like a prying eyes, and then hurriedly exit...

对于家的认识应该是从生下来的这一刻便已经开始了,而家也是我们对宽广世界认知的开始,带着自我与世界的认知的探索家应是最早的课题。在我们还没准备好面对世界的年纪 ,家是一片围栏,围栏外是一个新奇难以捉摸的世界,围栏内是一个熟悉简单的小小空间,它给你慰藉给你保护,一切都发生的自然和理所应当。然后我们渐渐长大,我们读书,恋爱,工作,离开又回来,围栏也越发成了围栏,有时它给你慰藉,有时它又让你深感无力,有时它抵抗世界抚慰受伤的你,有时它又是那伤害本身。


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